How Can You Find More Customers And Drive Them Back To Your Website?

Having a website has been a fundamental part of business for over a decade now. Surprisingly, some organisations are still trying to understand the benefits of selling their products and services to an UNLIMITED supply of clients online. Others are looking at new ways to better their services, increase awareness, drive sales lead generation and of course, profits.

That´s why we still get asked the same questions:

  • I need to increase the traffic to my site, can you help?
  • Our bounce rate is 80%. How can we get new visitors to engage with us?
  • We know social media is important, but we don’t have the time to manage it properly. Can your expert team manage our accounts?

All the above are common problems that clients with an online investment face. But it’s only the proactive organisations that are embracing the opportunity to increase traffic, drive engagement and generate sales leads, who will ultimately prosper in the long-term.

Here at Bora, we advise clients on strategies to find more customers and drive them back to your website to build a relationship and purchase your products or services.

The 4 stage process comprises:

Website Healthcheck – initial evaluation to determine your current content, level of optimisation to pick up organic traffic and strategies for site engagement with current visitors. Plus the process for constantly monitoring results, evaluating how to improve the site, making regular updates to ensure it’s not static for returning customers.

Cornerstone content – material that’s specifically targeted around what your potential customers are searching for. It’s not a case of presuming that adding keywords to your titles and alt tags will ensure your pages are found, it’s much more than that. A large element of how Google ranks a page is based around a mixture of criteria. That includes keywords, copywriting, images, engagement, sharing and the ability to offer a service, product or solution to a problem that people are searching for, plus social proof that the content is liked or shared. If you can apply the right ingredients, Google will notice and reward your hard work.

Remember: It´s not a website that ranks well, it´s the pages within it!

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