Facebook acquires Little Eye Labs for $10m

Little Eye Labs, a Bangalore based Indian startup, has confirmed its acquisition by Facebook.

Founded in May 2012 by Giridhar Murthy, Kumar Rangarajan, Satyam Kandula, and Lakshman Kakkirala, Little Eye Labs runs a software tool that analyses the performance of android apps. The entire team will move to Facebook’s head office in Menlo Park, California to help Facebook’s mobile development.

Subbu Subramanian, a Facebook Engineering Manager said in a statement,

“We are acquiring  a company that is equipped with excellent technology that helps developers to build more Android efficient products.”

Facebook has also acquired Parse, a mobile backend service set up in April 2013 to help it compete  with rivals like Twitter and Google plus, despite Facebook’s approximate 1.19 billion active users compared to 874 million users on Twitter.

It is believed that this takeover will boost the Indian startup ecosystem and Indian product startups are ready to show their skills in front of the world. The current users of Little Eye Labs will receive further information regarding its free version until 30 June, 2014.

The company also has investor backup from VenturEast and GSF. Rajesh Sawhney from GSF said that this deal between Facebook and Little Eye Labs will not only influence Indian ecosystem but also the whole world.

By Abel Wike,

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