5 Essential Tips To Conquer SEO

shutterstock_127141805Recently, I heard the phrase ‘content is king’. I’d never come across this before but it couldn’t be closer to the truth. Your website, blog and social media pages all serve one common purpose and this is to share some form of content with your customers/followers. Evidently, they may do this in different ways and require varying approaches, but the fundamental goal of audience participation is uniform. The following article will try to guide you through content creation by providing five tips to think about.

  1. Engage – try to create content that readers can get involved with. Whether it is collecting views via comment boxes or re-Tweeting a follower’s update, this encourages more interaction and helps deepen content. In addition to this, you avoid preaching to your audience by incorporating an informal approach that many companies benefit from.
  2. Vary content delivery – albeit simple, varying content can really help enrich the principal site or media. Some readers may have a preference towards podcasts, or written articles, so mixing things up increases the chances of entertaining the majority. Besides, some content may be more suited to different forms of delivery. For example, anything orientated around the visually impressive may sit better in a YouTube video or slideshow.
  3. ‘Clean’ content – it’s important to avoid grammatical mistakes. Errors can be a big turn-off for some readers and may prevent them from engaging with your content altogether (or for the wrong reasons!). Clean content looks professional and can establish you as a credible source for information.

To read more click here (the full article)


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