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Why And When Should A Tech Company Use An External PR Service?

Public Relations (PR) is a significant tool for any business looking to stay competitive in the market. Whilst there are still many companies that hold firm to the idea of in-house PR, outsourcing to an agency can bring a host of benefits to any company, be it lowering costs or fostering good relations with press and media.

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From experience, technology companies often believe that they should delegate PR to their marketing persons/teams. Whilst there are obvious links between marketing and PR, they are two very different aspects of corporate communications. PR is about managing and controlling the public opinion of your company, and if implemented successfully, it can be the breakthrough needed to reach your target market and maximise the profile and awareness of your business.

In-house vs. External PR

Though it is recommended to have an internal person responsible for the management of a company’s communications strategy, in-house PR involves total immersion in an organisation. The focus is not predominantly on PR but divided amongst other marketing functions. PR is not something that should be switched on and off, and like most marketing activities; it should be planned and executed carefully over a period of time.

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By Paula Averley, Founder & Principal Consultant, Origin Communications PR Agency

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