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5 Reasons to Market Your Business Through Social Media

A recent industry report indicates that 94% of marketers now choose to integrate social media within their strategy. This overwhelming following probably derives from a series of useful benefits combined with our natural movement towards digital forms of communication. So, how could you benefit from marketing your company through social media? I will provide 5 key reasons (from many).

  1. (Cost effective) Exposure: By simply creating a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn profile, you immediately increase your exposure and the chances of improving your search results. Plus, except for the time it’s taken you, it probably hasn’t cost a thing! A young adult may use their smartphone to check different social media 2-5 times throughout the day, providing you with ample opportunity to cut through the noise.
  2. Measurable: Most forms of social media now come with a built-in analytics tool such as Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights. These provide KPIs on shares, trends and interactions. Measurements such as these enable you to evaluate success and even return on investment. However, if your social media strategy is all encompassing, you may want to consider investing in third party software (e.g. HootSuite) that helps you manage all social media on one dashboard. This decision is mainly dependent on your depth of activity.
  3. Two-way Communication: Talking to your consumers via traditional media doesn’t always allow for an informal approach. However, social media enables businesses to communicate regular messages in a more personal manner. Furthermore, consumers and fans can interact with brands by posting content or replying to posts. This has added benefits such as:
    1. Possibility of generating new product ideas or service improvements
    2. Increased loyalty through an online community
    3. Creating an emotional attachment with consumers
    4. Greater understanding of your consumer base

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By Jack Powell


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