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A Brief Insight on Studying Marketing at MMU

Manchester UniI was one of the fortunate students to make the transition from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Aytoun campus to the new £75million business school. There is something undeniably novel about using new equipment and finding hidden study areas! Nonetheless, material benefit aside, the marketing management course itself has been a fitting experience alongside my year in industry. Combinations of practical and theoretical units provide a comprehensive and well-rounded package, including: communications planning, strategic marketing management, international & global marketing (which is heavily centred on many business studies practices) and an elective of our choice.

The variety of skills we learn is dependent on each module and can be applied to various disciplines within marketing. For example, the strategic marketing management unit took us through a case study of VisitBritain, which required an in-depth situational analysis of the company, industry and market before making strategic recommendations. Arguably, competences from this process will be transferable to real-word scenarios at both an entry and management level. In comparison to this, the communications planning unit focused on many tools used by integrated advertising agencies. For instance, we studied traditional tools such as radio and PR together with digital forms of communication like social media. The entire planning process – from prior analysis through to measurement and evaluation – was assessed via contextual application to a brand of our choice. By educating students on the entire process (from an agency perspective) and incorporating new forms of digital media, I feel the unit offers valuable information to students, like myself, who may have worked client-side throughout their industrial placement.

Content delivery is robust, thanks to a digital portal known as Moodle. This provides us with unrestricted access to previous lectures, tutorial material and additional items such as links to suggested reading. Guest lectures from industry experts and returning students have taken place throughout my three years of study, delivering further insight into practical examples. As a result, the curriculum is interesting and balanced on the whole.
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