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The Future of B2B Tech Marketing

Today’s customers are feisty and demanding, are you ready to embrace tomorrow’s opportunities?

There has never been a more exciting time to be in marketing. Developments in the role of technology, adoption of smart devices and tablets, plus the development of the ‘internet of things’ is extending technology into areas of our life previously unheard of.Today’s corporate marketing departments are a world away from where I started my career.

Back then around 25 people of various backgrounds and skills from product marketing, packaging, market research, sales promotion, design and the print ad pro formed a marketing team in one open plan corporate head office, with not a computer in sight.Back then the rule of thumb for production of a brochure was 3 months and included specialist photography and illustrations, which had an awe and mystique around how these carefully crafted pieces of art were created. Nowadays, we can create the same marketing brochure in 36 hours and that includes delivery anywhere in Europe.

How marketing has developed?

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