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As Smartphones Take Over, Google Must Destroy Its Own Frankenstein Monster

The smartphone market has never been so competitive. Since the iPhone reinvented the idea of what a smartphone could be in 2007, the choices available to the consumer have never been wider or more sophisticated.

Rivals like Samsung, HTC, Microsoft and Google have caught up with Apple and are releasing ever more sophisticated and good-looking handsets. Even the, supposedly on its knees Canadian manufacturer, BlackBerry, is coming back into the game with its new Z10 all-touch handset.

Smartphone statsSuch choice has had an effect. According to analysts Comscore, more than half of all mobile phone users in Europe’s five biggest markets now possess a smartphone.

Its statistics showed that 54.6% of mobile users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK used smart phones like Apple’s iPhone or alternatives powered by Google’s Android.

Along with the parallel growth in the ownership of touch tablets and other smart devices the techno-social shift into what Steve Jobs described as the post-PC era is firmly established.

The percentage of smartphone users is likely to increase, not just in Europe but also across the globe annually – with emerging nations the next most eager adopters. Africa is often described as a continent that missed the PC era entirely and went straight to embracing the mobile paradigm, where it has taken the place of poor telecoms infrastructures and drives local economies.

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