Information Security

Cyber Attacks Are The Top Threat To The US


When asking the American public what they thought would be the top threat to their country, you might get answers such as Al Qaeda, nuclear weapons or even natural disasters but not many would contemplate cybercrime as being their biggest danger.

However, according to Sky News,

”Cyber attacks have been classified as the top threat to the US by the country’s spy chief for the first time in his annual assessment.
James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, has warned that cyber espionage threatened to undercut the American military’s technological edge.
He also cautioned that even “unsophisticated” attacks could penetrate poorly protected computer networks for power grids and posed an increasing risk to US critical infrastructure”.>

There have been many recent reports recently of attacks from China, but that’s not only where the risk lies.

It was reported in the Guardian that,

The FBI and Los Angeles police are investigating suspected Russian hackers who allegedly stole and posted online sensitive financial information about Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, senior law enforcers and about a dozen Hollywood celebrities.


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