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Is Google Facing The Axe From Europe?

Google axe

Google are looking at fines from six of the biggest European countries’ privacy regulators including Germany, UK and France.

Google refuse to reverse changes to its privacy policies made in March last year.

According to The Guardian,

“France’s privacy body, CNIL, together with its counterparts in the UK, Netherlands, German, Spain and Italy, said on Tuesday they will take joint legal action involving an investigation and possible fines. The UK’s information commissioner’s office (ICO) can levy fines of up to £500,000 for breaches of the Data Protection Act. A decision is expected by summer 2013. CNIL could fine it up to €300,000 (£255,000).”>

The money is irrelevant as Google can pay for both fines combined in less than 10 minutes; the real issue is if regulators could block Google from operating in Europe. This move would damage Google’s reputation but also affect many organisations that use Google and its ranking system for web traffic.

Google dominates the European market for internet searches. According to one survey through Sky News, 95% of searches in Europe are carried out through Google, compared with about 65% in the US.


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