Have Google Wasted Your Budget?


Ranking in related searches on Google is something that all businesses with an online presence desire.

When you enter a highly competitive market and optimise your site you will expect more traffic. Especially when you turn to paid keyword advertising. However, are you getting the return you desire?

The Guardian reports that,

”Businesses may be wasting billions of pounds a year buying up keyword advertising on search engines such as Google. The study by auction website eBay claimed that most of the money spent buying up search terms was a waste of time and had little effect on sales.
Google has built its business on the back of persuading advertisers to buy keywords – such as their company name or a term such as “insurance” or “Christmas” – to get a link to their website high up on Google search rankings.”>

But is this really Google’s problem? It’s surely down to the marketing department of each business to research and test the cost per lead and if it’s not profitable, they need to reconsider their approach. Could it be that companies struggle to work out their real cost per lead and should consider using marketing agency that can offer this service to save time, money and work out the true value of their search marketing campaigns?


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