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Google Looks To Take Mobile Marketing To A New Level

google-adwords-enhanced-campaignsGoogle has decided to overhaul its Adwords advertising network as it attempts to reposition the multi-billion dollar service for the smartphone generation, according to the Guardian.>

This comes across as a very clever move as AdWords contributed the bulk of the company’s $43bn advertising revenues last year and there is still a lot of potential growth within the smartphone industry. As daily Google searches increase on a smartphone, they are expected to overtake desktop searches by next year.

Consumers often use smartphones as a way of passing time when they are waiting or travelling, so businesses will look to exploit these moments and target users.

The new campaigns will be called enhanced campaigns and will help people reach targets by location, time of day and device type without having to create and manage several campaigns.

For example, a Coffee shop targeting mobile users searching for ‘Coffee Shop’ near its outlets can use bid adjustments to pay more for searches on smartphones because the clicks are deemed more valuable.


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